Chip stone floor

Chip stone floor

Walking on a Pebble Stone Floor is a Delight | Helsinki, Vantaa, entire Finland

A pebble stone floor is a visually striking and comfortable walking surface. It is made from either non-dyed or dyed European uniform and round natural river stones, along with a transparent epoxy binder.

Features of Pebble Stone Flooring

  • good wear resistance
  • easy to maintain
  • seamless
  • suitable for all non-flexible substrates

Pebble stone flooring is also suitable for renovations, as it has a working thickness of 6–10 millimeters.

Color: pebble stone flooring is available in numerous different colors and color combinations.

Applications for Pebble Stone Flooring

  • lobbies
  • retail spaces
  • exhibition areas
  • restaurants
  • other dry spaces

Connection Details (pdf in Finnish)

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