Suomen Massalattiat Oy

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Suomen Massalattiat Oy

Floor Coatings and Manufacturing with Over 30 Years of Experience | Helsinki, Vantaa, All of Finland

Suomen Massalattiat Oy coats and manufactures high-quality floors for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings throughout Finland, starting from the capital region. We produce floors that withstand heavy wear – such as weight and continuous movement – for various needs with solid experience.

We have the latest knowledge of the properties and intended uses of different flooring materials. We know how each flooring material behaves in each space. Our flooring materials include all floor coatings such as acrylic mass flooring, epoxy plastic flooring, E-Floor, ucrete flooring, polyurethane flooring, and chip stone flooring.

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Floors with Decades of Skill

Suomen Massalattiat was established in 1992, continuing the floor contracting business started by Lohja Oy in 1969. Our staff has extensive experience and expertise in floor coatings and the manufacturing of concrete floors for over 30 years.

We are known for our first-class workmanship and uncompromising professionalism!

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Floor Materials

High-quality floor materials for public spaces, business premises, and industry | Helsinki, Vantaa, All of Finland

Suomen Massalattiat Oy implements durable floor surfaces for any space throughout Finland, starting from the capital region. We have solid experience in coating floors and manufacturing concrete floors. We produce floors according to the characteristics of the space – with decades of expertise.

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Material Matters

We offer high-quality floor materials for various and even demanding spaces, from office and retail spaces to industrial needs. For example, acrylic mass floors are well suited for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

Our flooring materials include:

We also do

  • Milling
  • Diamond grinding
  • Shot blasting
  • Grease removal washes
  • Coating removals

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